We are a young, modern, and diverse boutique recruiting agency, which operates in a fully remote environment, to reflect the ever changing and digitally oriented world. As a remote team, we work closely together to support our clients, candidates, and each other; all the while enjoying the freedom to work from anywhere in the world. As one of our recruiters you will have the opportunity to reach out and connect with individuals from Asia, Europe, North America, as well as various other regions, potentially helping to better their lives in meaningful ways; it’s not uncommon to make a friend or two in the process.

We work with a wide range of companies, across the globe, whose goals range from climate- and environmental protection, to the production of essential goods and services. Our mission is to support these companies by ensuring they have access to the highly skilled professionals required to further the success of the company itself, while also considering the career progression and job satisfaction of the individuals we place. We prioritize partnering with companies leading the way in fields such as e-mobility, renewable energy, as well as other cutting-edge technologies.

Employees Are a Companys Most Valuable Resource 

Our client value their employees, and so do we. We acknowledge and reward personal success through a generous bonus structure, paid out on top of a competitive salary. Rest assured that your contributions will not go unnoticed, and your compensation will grow in accordance with your experience and ability to produce results

For Our Company to Succeed, We Must All Succeed

We invest in you, your training, and your success; we expect a similar dedication. Team members are encouraged to not only learn from the experience of others, but to share their ideas and think outside the box. Additional training and support are always available for those looking to further their career, learn new skills, or hone current ones

Work-Life Balance

A happy and healthy employee is a successful employee. We expect results but trust you to decide how best to establish an ideal work-life balance. In support of this, we offer flexible working hours, a fully remote office, and in-person team building meet-ups through the year

Career Progression

Everyone starts somewhere, but where you end up is entirely in your hands. Our company recognizes, values, and rewards hard work, dedication, and personal success. We promote from within, and what may have started as an entry level position, has the potential to become a lucrative career at any level of the organization

Positive and Supportive Work Environment

We are dedicated to fostering a work environment that encourages happiness, health, and efficiency. By prioritizing well-being, teamwork, and mutual encouragement, we are confident that our employees will flourish in a positive and productive atmosphere

Equal Opportunity Employer

We pride ourselves on having a multi-national/multi-cultural team and feel this directly contributes to our success as a company, as well as our appeal to the international clients we work with