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Spessartin specialises in helping you staff your international location with top-tier local talent. If you are ready to launch a start-up or expand your operations in Europe or Asia, you will need to fill a few key roles with international experts. Without thought leaders in your key roles who have a nuanced understanding of local culture and customs, you cannot effectively connect, engage, or comprehend international policies.

Overseas Recruitment Experts

Recruiting international leaders varies greatly from your regional recruitment efforts. Cross-cultural team building presents unique challenges. While you desire a diverse team, there are key roles that should be staffed by someone who has an in-depth understanding of local culture and customs. Even if you have an outstanding in-house HR team, partnering with Spessartin helps to improve retention and business outcomes.

Why Choose Us?

Our extensive experience in international candidate search empowers us to empower you! We have an expansive network of quality candidates throughout Asia and Europe. Our goal is to match beyond skillset to deliver a short-list of prospects that will elevate your business outcomes. Candidates you can trust, who help you develop a robust team. By strategically placing international experts in key leadership roles, you will generate the highest ROI!

Asia Europe Recruitment Industries

Thought Leaders Skillsets Are Transferable
But We Help You Fill By Industry Too!

Outsourcing international recruiting makes a world of difference

From culture to customs, compliance, regulatory protocols, and regionally-relevant ways to establish and grow your business. Those are just a handful of reasons to outsource international recruitment of thought leaders, executives and managers.

Beyond their professional skillset and cultural-comprehension, you may also be searching for a candidate who is tenured in your industry. Below are the current industries Spessartin partners with.

Automotive & Mobility

Thought leaders are required to help the automotive industry connect with and better serve drivers. Rideshare industries challenge traditional mobility, so you need an expert who helps your automotive company remain relevant.
We help action-oriented automotive and mobility companies identify leaders who will shape the future of transportation.


Automation and AI are delivering seismic shifts in the industrial industry meaning your company requires innovators who can guide you into the future.
Competition is fierce and we help you even the playing field with our powerful network of skilled leaders for your overseas operations.

Technology & Telecommunications

Leveraging technology and telecommunications is essential for connection, engagement, convenience, and innovation. We help you build your business in Europe and Asia by identifying the next-generation tech and telecom leaders.

Retail, Apparel & Luxury Goods

Retailers are taking their businesses online at rapid pace transforming the way brands connect with consumers. This shift has European luxury brands increasing their focus on the Chinese market and Chinese brands expanding their reach in Europe. Brands from both regions need to hit the ground running.
Your brand requires leaders who can speak to the nuanced cultural differences as they take your retail products, apparel, and luxury goods global. We will connect you with the executives who will ensure you thrive.


The service industry has never been more powerful. Between globalisation, digitalisation, and automation an increasing number of traditionally live services can be delivered remotely. Combine that with consumers’ increased demand for quality, agility, and speed—and you need leaders who think outside the box.
We help you identify the leaders who champion innovation and transform the traditional business model to create meaningful and profitable new service products.

Financial Services

Technology is transforming every aspect of the financial industry such as the use of AI and automation in Finance, Big Data, Fintech, and Blockchain. Financial service providers are challenged to compete for top talent in both traditional and disruptive service offerings. We ensure your company stands out in this increasingly competitive field.

Simplifying How You Attract Candidates

Identifying leaders and top talent has never been more competitive. Spessartin ensures you stand out from the crowd!