Beyond matching candidate skillsets, you must ensure prospects can blend in with your company culture. We simplify this process helping you place for skill and fit.

Covering all your recruitment needs for leadership and skilled experts. Spessartin has an established network and utilises the most sophisticated and innovative search methods in the industry today. We do the hiring for you so you can concentrate on your core business!

Beyond Candidate Collection

Your HR team is trained and skilled in advanced recruiting strategies.

As your business grows you may find yourself struggling to source quality candidates.

You require leaders who will innovate and engage in ways that will have the most powerful impact with your internal and external customers. Also, leaders who share your progressive vision and celebrate the inclusivity-driven benefits working with diverse teams!

IT Recruitment

Even with an advanced technical skillset, your IT team must design and develop solutions that innovate. From how technology is utilised, information is consumed, data is accessed, IT security, and more. We identify the IT leaders who will keep you on the cutting edge. This includes IT Admins, Security Experts, Web & App Developers, Software Developers, and more.

Finance Recruitment

Unleash your power and grow your business with financial experts who understand compliance and tradition aren't afraid to innovate or disrupt. Leaders who are proactive and work rapidly to identify the opportunity in every unexpected development. Financial experts who create sustainable growth strategies. This includes CFOs, Controllers, Accountants, Auditors, and more.

Asia Europe Recruitment

Overseas recruitment is complex. Even with an exceptional skillset, comprehending cultural nuances is a must. We connect you with industry experts that help you establish or maintain your competitive edge in the foreign countries you operate in. We recruit for both skillset and cultural proficiency throughout Asia and Europe.

We Partner With You

Our goal is to find the perfect match, for both you and our candidates. We partner with you to create a personality profile for every position that needs to be filled. Yes, we search by skillset, but we aim to fill the gap and place you with a strategic partner, a thought leader who will drive your ongoing innovation.